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The Tuscan Tea Room

My birthday has the inconvenient habit of falling on a major holiday, so I often ignore the actual date and celebrate slightly early or late.  This year I decided that I wanted to attend an afternoon tea with friends, an excellent excuse to dress to the nines.  I did a little research and found the Tuscan Tea Room in West Seattle.  It looked like an very sumptuous space and that was just the ticket.  I kept the guest list small so we could converse and got a head count.  The staff was very helpful on the phone and I was anticipating a lovely afternoon.

I dressed in Victorian attire, for once forgoing the overt steampunk elements.  I asked my guests to dress up if possible.  We got a lot of attention even before we were seated.  One gentleman came up and told us that he thought it was wonderful that we dressed for the occasion.

The tea service was so lovely.  There were many different varieties of tea pots and cups, all beautiful.  There are 65 varieties of tea to choose from so I suggest looking online beforehand to aid in the process. I had the “Masked Ball” and it was sublime.  All the food was very wonderful and plentiful.  When I made the reservation they asked if we wanted a cake, and I am glad that I said no.  It would have been lovely, but way too much.  Their brunch menu looks amazing and most of us have stated that we will be back for brunch soon.  The staff was fantastic and very accommodating.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and will definitely be back.  It looks like in the future they will be adding a dinner menu as well, which I imagine will be quite delectable.

My husband took a few photos of the event for your enjoyment.


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