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Gifts of my art? May be your last chance

Greetings friends!  I apologize for my long absence.  Frankly my health has been poor and in turn my motivation has as well.  I’m sure most of you have pretty much forgotten me.  My bad.

Well, I think it might be time to let go.  Zazzle, one of my stores has been randomly deleting my products due to lack of interest.  So, I want to give you one last chance to buy special things for your loved one from all my stores for this season.  I may or may not delete my shops in January, but I probably won’t be capable of making any new art for a while.  Anyway below are the links to many things you may enjoy.

You can find my stickers here: Redbubble

Steampunk T-shirts, greeting cards and lots more: Steamporium

My whimsical menagerie wares are here: Artvixn

And you can get my books and coloring books here: Blurb


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Diana Vick

I am an illustrator, writer, costumer and steampunk enthusiast.
I have done illustration for comic books, animation and collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings. Currently, I do art for my own line of cards and gifts in my Zazzle shop.