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Sad News

Steamcon III Program Book

Those of you that went to Steamcon may have marveled at our wondrous program “book”.  It was in the style of an old fashioned newspaper and was a point of great pride for us.  I am sad to report that the talented woman responsible for the design of that book year after year has passed on.  Our dear friend Katherine “Pel” Schroeder lost her battle with cancer last night.

Pel was soft spoken but had a very mischievous personality if you got to know her.  She loved anime, arm warmers and socks.  She had a passion for fonts and did amazing design work with them.  I often saw her at the Wayward Coffee shop for the weekly Seattle Steamrat meetups.  We would sit and share ideas about steampunk or costuming.  She adored steampunk and often found new things before I did, or introduced me to new music.  Her support of Steamcon was very appreciated and she was one of our hardest working volunteers.

She was very stylish but extremely camera shy.  She hated to have her picture taken and so sadly, there are very few pictures of her.  I have pulled together a few.

Pel had a great laugh and a quick wit.  She inspired me.  She will be missed.

If you would like to honor Pel, her parents have set up this website.  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/katiepelianthschroeder

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