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Gage Masquerade Ball

I was reading my email recently and I found an events newsletter listing a discussion about the internet and the arts. I went to the Gage Academy website to check it out and found a notice about their Masquerade Ball and Charity Auction coming up on Friday, less than a week away. I found a spot where they might need volunteers and checked in with my husband. Sure enough he was game, so I emailed the event coordinator and said we’d love to help. The fact that it was being held at St Marks Cathedral which is two blocks from our condo, was a bonus. They said they could use help and since we were willing to dress up, we could be greeters. The theme was Commedia dell’arte, and I didn’t have anything really appropriate so I asked around. No luck. Well, some but no time. So I went to my closet and found a lovely red top I hadn’t worn yet and debated the rest. I decided against the tutu or tulle skirts for warmth and being stationed at the door, I’m very glad I did. I did find that I had a red mid calf length skirt that was almost exactly the same shade of red. I already had a plethora of masks to choose from so I was set. It wasn’t very commedia dell’arte or period but it looked very coordinated. I got a ton of compliments on the ensemble. No one believed that I just threw it together out of things from my closet. We got to greet the party goers as they entered. There were some lovely costumes and masks, but less than half the folks participated. Still it was fun to see the ones who did. A lovely evening and it looked like they raised quite a bit of money. We were glad to be a part of it.

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