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Exhibition Hall

Victoria Steampunk Exhibition

Chris Garcia has an online steampunk magazine called Exhibition Hall, that has been steaming along for  awhile now.  He asked me to do a review of the two conventions that I attended in May, Victoria Steampunk Exhibition and The World Steam Expo, since he was unable to attend himself.  So rather than repost the exact same reviews here, why don’t you go check out Chris’ endeavors.  I recommend going and reading the back issues as well.  I did the cover of issue #8.

This past week has been a whirlwind of steampunk excitement for me.  Friday I attended the clock unveiling at the MOHAI, for the new works we helped to raise the funds for.  Saturday and Sunday, I ran a table to promote Steamcon at the Little Red Studio’s Erotic Steampunk Event.  The weather was abnormally warm for our region, so it was a task to find appropriate steampunk wear, but I persevered.  I’ll have pictures of the events and outfits up soon.


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