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Mechanical Hair

When I began working on my automaton costume (Victorian era robot) I realized that my hair shouldn’t show since it doesn’t look the least bit mechanical.  My first solution was to use a flight helmet and cover my hair for the most part.  This worked fairly well, but I decided I wanted to use a hat so the lightning goggles would be more obvious.

I looked for a wig but the only metallic ones I found were all tinsel and looked tacky.  I investigated a product called tubular crinoline or cyberlox.  It’s a long hollow tube and it comes in tons of colors and to my delight metallic shades.   I have seen women wear cyberlox, mostly as pony falls, but the look is too modern for me.  It works great for futuristic science fiction looks, but I wanted something less “cyber” and more steampunk.  I decided that they look enough like banana curls that if I put them in right, they might work.  They come in a long 5 yard or 10 yard tubes and you cut them to your desired length.  They are very light so they cut quite easily.  Once cut though, they can fray a bit, so have scissors on hand.  I cut a bunch to the same length, put my hair in a bun and then just pinned them into my hair and placed a bowler on top.

I really liked the effect, so I began wearing it with other outfits as well.  My first several times I used just copper and it was a bit too pale for my complexion, so I added in a darker brown color.  I am using just the larger ones so far as they always seem to be out of the smaller size when I place an order.

I think the effect is wonderful and people are simply fascinated with my “mechanical” hair.  I have found several places online that sell them, but I have only ordered from Doctored Locks.  I have always gotten good service so I recommend them.

I should warn you though, whenever I wear my “mechanical” hair, people are just too fascinated by it to notice anything else.


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