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Where Do I Go From Here?

What should I do next?  With no convention to devote 80 hours a week to, I am finding myself rudderless.   I thought I’d pick up my art career, but I am finding that things have changed too much.  I was bumped from the furry convention that I thought would always be my staple.  The main stream market only seems to want the familiar; Batman or Harley Quinn etc. , so those of us that don’t want to do other people’s characters are not all that popular.  Comic cons have all become media circuses that leave us, small artists with no audience.  Thousands of people shuffling past my table, who look, shrug and continue on their way to meet *insert name of star here*.

I have some writing projects that I could do, but without a specific end goal in mind, I can’t seem to find the motivation.   I will try to do some of that for myself, but I don’t see it as a vocation.

They say “do what you love”.  Dressing up in costume is not a job skill and I am getting to old for it these days.  No, I am not saying you can’t look great at any age, but let’s face it.  No one really wants to see less than perfect people.  Fact of life.  And again, it is most definitely not a vocation.

So I thought about what I enjoy doing the most and digital collage seems to be the ticket.  I’ve done a lot of it in the past eight years, but I am entirely self taught, so there are thousands of people who can do it and do it better.  And I haven’t a clue where the market might be.    Also, being self taught and not very technically ept, I always run into problems, so I can’t really work for someone else, even if I wanted to.

I find myself feeling irrelevant, adrift and lost.  So probably TMI, but there you go.


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