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The Brass Screw Confederacy

I am quite happy to have been invited to be the Guest of Honor at this year’s Brass Screw Confederacy!  BSC is a very different kind of steampunk event.  It’s held in the city of Port Townsend just fifty six miles from Seattle, although the trip does include a couple of ferry rides as well.  The carefree feeling of the trip by ferry insures that by the time you arrive in the tranquil waterfront town, you will be ready for the more leisurely pace of the past that never was.  The event takes place along the historic main street of Port Townsend, in its Victorian era buildings and also out at the old army base, Fort Worden built in 1897.  Drawing on its rich heritage, BSC utilizes the backdrop of authentic architecture to give us a wonderful setting for our steampukery.  And of course the local steampunks bring that in spades.  Our host Nathan Barnett, innkeeper and dapper gentleman is always ready with a smile and a tale.

Festivities begin Friday at 1:00 and include a lecture entitled Our Octopus is Smarter Than Your Labradoodle, a photo shoot, larping with the Rise of Aester crew, the Bazaar of the Bizarre (4-7) and various drinking opportunities.

Saturday’s events entails many talks, including a State of the Steampunk Address by yours truly, games including some very unorthodox croquet, the Bazaar, and much more.  A Grand Promenade will be held at 3 PM to show of all the amazing fashions.  Myself and several other judges will be pronouncing the best thus and such and so forth, so be sure and make us proud.  And if you’ve any strength left, there are more shenanigans on Sunday as well!  You may see the full schedule here.

The BSC looks to be a grand excuse to dress up in your best finery, and have fun in a very immersive atmosphere.  I am quite looking forward to seeing all the creativity and octopi.  Did I mention that their theme is “Octopi Port Townsend” and I for one am rising to the challenge!  You will just have to join us and see.  It should be a unique experience.  I am even staying in a B & B for the very first time!



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