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Welcome!  Grab a cup of tea and we’ll get started.

I have been blogging about events I’ve attended so far.  You can find those listed to the right.  I also added a bunch of links to my art, costumes and other things.  You can find those on the left.  I have a bunch of topics planned for the future, that will hopefully be informative and enjoyable.  I don’t believe that blogging should be regurgitating a bunch of links you found elsewhere on the net.  At the very least, you could add commentary, right?  Anyway, I feel that my blog should be a place to get info that isn’t just recycled from elsewhere, or if it is, it’s given perspective.  Right.  Now, I should get back to some writing.  I’ll get more content up soon, but I won’t make any promises about how often.

One more thing, as long as I am insisting on content from myself, I will also be expecting content from you.  Basically comments that have no content will not be approved.  No offense, but I find that as annoying as pointless posting.

Make yourself at home and I’ll chat with you as soon as I can.


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  1. Shay Fuell says:

    Hi Diana!
    I am working on new steampunk ideas for my steampunk jewelry line. However, I don’t want it to look like every other piece of steampunk jewelry I see out there. I want it to have my personal twist on it. So I went in search of inspiration with other steampunk creations (I thought it best to look at items outside of jewelry) and I stumbled upon your article on Tor.com. Your variety of costumes has re-energized and has me excited and swirling with new ideas! Your creativity and meticulous attention to every small detail is brilliant. And most importantly to me is your broad perspective on such a specific genera as Steampunk. Thank you for sharing, I certainly got the inspiration I was looking for.
    -Shay Fuell

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