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Reader’s Choice Awards

The Steampunk Chronicles have just opened up their Reader’s Choice Award nominations for this year.  This is an excellent opportunity for us as steampunk enthusiasts to let them know what we like best.  I’d especially like to see more of our local steampunk activities and entities represented.  Seattle has often won “Best City for Steampunk”.  It would be great to see Steamcon get the nod for “Best Overall Convention”.  And we should show Abney Park or Vagabond Opera the love, right?

I’m going to even suggest that perhaps you might know someone who would qualify for “Best Dressed Female” ?

Anyway, please consider making some nominations and letting them know the Pacific Northwest is proud of our steam folk!

Nominate here!


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I am an illustrator, writer, costumer and steampunk enthusiast.
I have done illustration for comic books, animation and collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings. Currently, I do art for my own line of cards and gifts in my Zazzle shop.